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‍Director ‍| ‍Producer

‍Above: ‍stills ‍from ‍Globe ‍| ‍Balance ‍(China, ‍2017); ‍Shapeshifter ‍(Mongolia, ‍2014); ‍прощай ‍моя ‍маленькая ‍звезда ‍(farewell ‍my ‍little ‍star) ‍from ‍Alien ‍Poetry ‍Society ‍(France, ‍2010) ‍and ‍Shabu ‍shabu ‍shabu ‍(Secret), ‍France, ‍2010.  Shifting ‍0.00000000103279% ‍of ‍the ‍Great ‍Wall ‍2010-2019 ‍© ‍Les ‍Joynes, ‍ARS, ‍New ‍York.

‍Selected ‍Filmography

‍Short ‍and ‍Experimental ‍Films

‍2021    Kami ‍no ‍kura ‍(in ‍Japanese) ‍in ‍research. ‍Director/Producer

‍2020    Mantrage ‍(in ‍Hindi/English) ‍in ‍research. ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    One ‍on ‍Two ‍on ‍One ‍(Kick)Director/Producer

‍2017    Shifting ‍0.00000000103279% ‍of ‍the ‍Great ‍Wall(Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum) ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Clouds ‍ ‍(Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum), ‍Beijing. ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Globe ‍| ‍Balance ‍(Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum), ‍Beijing. ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Drop ‍(Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum), ‍Beijing. ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Applaud ‍(Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum), ‍Beijing. ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Bow ‍(Haidian ‍District, ‍Beijing). ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Salutation ‍(Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum), ‍Beijing. ‍Director/Producer

‍2017    Ghost ‍Market ‍Inside ‍Out ‍Art ‍Museum, ‍Beijing. ‍Director/Producer

‍2015    FormLAB ‍(Trailer). ‍Director/Producer

‍2014    Buryiat ‍(Zanabazar ‍Museum ‍of ‍Art, ‍Mongolia).  Director/Producer

‍2014    Ger ‍(Performances ‍with ‍Blue ‍Sun ‍and ‍Mohanik). ‍Director/Producer

‍2013    Glossolalia ‍(with ‍Comediennes ‍Tropicales), ‍Sao ‍Paulo. ‍Director/Producer

‍2013    BronxBronx ‍(audio ‍performance ‍with ‍Cid ‍Campos), ‍Sao ‍Paulo. ‍Co-Director/Producer

‍2013    Sleeping ‍in ‍Républica  Sao ‍Paulo. ‍Director/Producer

‍2013    Dancing ‍in ‍Mercadao  Sao ‍Paulo. ‍Director/Producer

‍2013    Traversing ‍Vila ‍Madelena ‍(2 ‍channel). ‍Director/Producer

‍2012    Perû ‍(Brazilian ‍Museum ‍of ‍Sculpture). ‍Director/Producer

‍2012    Foraging ‍in ‍Europa ‍(performances ‍Sao ‍Paolo). ‍Director/Producer

‍2012    Pai-de-Santo ‍(performances ‍at ‍Brazilian ‍Museum ‍of ‍Sculpture). ‍Director/Producer

‍2012    The ‍Afterlife ‍of ‍Toys, ‍(장난감의 ‍내세 ‍) ‍Seoul, ‍Director/Producer

‍2012    Glossolalia-SeoulDirector/Producer

‍2010    Tokyo ‍VisitorDirector/Producer

‍2010    Spéléologie ‍de ‍l'usine,Director/Producer

‍2010    Farewell ‍my ‍little ‍Star ‍(starпрощай ‍моя ‍маленькая ‍звезда) ‍Director/Producer

‍2010    Alien ‍Poetry ‍Society ‍(Société ‍de ‍Poésie ‍Extraterrestre)Director/Producer

‍2010    This ‍little ‍star, ‍so ‍wide ‍and ‍so ‍full ‍of ‍mysteries. ‍Director/Producer

‍2010    Shabu ‍shabu ‍shabu ‍(2 ‍channel). ‍Director/Producer

‍2010    Cadavre ‍Exquis ‍Treignac ‍Projet, ‍Director/Producer

‍2009    Excavation(Midtown ‍Manhattan) ‍(with ‍Tom ‍Bogaert) ‍Director/Producer

‍1999    Highchair ‍(Bangkok ‍Experimental ‍Film ‍Festival). ‍Director/Producer

‍1997    Helicopter ‍(Norimatsu ‍Museum, ‍Matsuyama, ‍Japan). ‍Director/Producer

‍1997    Ten ‍Minutes ‍of ‍Uncanny ‍in ‍Blue ‍Velvet ‍(Goldsmiths). ‍Director/Producer

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