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Site and Performance in West Bengal, Locating culture through movement

Visva Bharati University, Santiniriken, West Bengal (2021) 

China, Art and Covid 19. (Moderator)

White Box, New York, July 2020

Collaborative art  - building mutual understanding through collaboration

Beihang University, Beijing 2019

Navigating Digital Landscapes: New Hypothetical Continents and Walking with Satellites and Poetic Research, (Session Chair) ProjectAnywhere Conference, Parsons School of Art & Design, and The New School, New York November 2018 

Doctoral Research in the Arts across Borders

Plenary Keynote to the Peking University School of Art Doctoral Program, Beijing, China

The Artist as Producer

Peking University, Institute for Cultural Industries, Beijing, China

US-China experimentation at Site

Columbia University Global Center Beijing, (2017)

The Artist Centric Model in Museum of the Future

Museum 2050 Conference,  Long Museum, Shanghai, China (2018)

FormLAB China

Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China (2017)

Pulse/ Play

Pulse Art Fair and The Cultivist, New York (2016)

Young Researchers Forum, (Co-Chair) 

American Center for Mongolian Studies, Mongolia (2016)

The Artist as Explorer

College Arts Association Conference (2016)


Intercultural Collaboration in the arts in Brazil and Mongolia

Cambridge University, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (2015)

Ullens Center Museum, Beijing (July, 2015). 

Artist as interface

Teachers College, Columbia University, (2015) 

American Modern and Contemporary Art History (Lecture series) 

Renmin University International Summer Program in Beijing. (2013-present).

US-Mongolian Collaboration in Practice 

Mongolian National University of Education, (2015)

American and British Pop Art and the 1960s

Mongolian National University for Art and Culture, Ulaanbaatar (2015)

Intercultural research and multi-media art laboratories

Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN)

The University of the Arts London, UK (2015)

Transdisciplinary art and Doctoral Research in fine art (PhD Masterclas)  

University of the Arts London (2015)

FormLAB Mongolia

Zanabazar National Museum of Art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2014)        

New media and new forms of international art

MediaArtChina, National Art Museum of China (July, 2014).

National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China (2014)

College Arts Association Conference, Chicago (2014) 

Building Mutual Understanding: A Model for US-Mongolian Cooperation in the Arts

US Embassy, Mongolia (presentation (2014) 

Intercultural Arts Research as Practice. Lecture, 

University of Lincoln, UK (March, 2014).

Intercultural Arts Research as Practice. 

Lecture, University of Coventry, UK (February, 2014).    

Participating artist and workshop presenter 

Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Brazil, (2013)

Contemporary Art and Performance: Chinese artists who have lived in New York 

(Special presentation with Chinese artist Fang Lu) 

Renmin University International Summer Program in Beijing. (July, 2013). 

FormLAB Brazil

Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, , Sao Paulo, Brazil (2012) 


Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, South Korea (2012) 

Metaphor for the unconscious: discussion on the Portals Series 

and remembering Alain Renais’ film Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, New York (March, 2011).

Columbia University Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship (2011)

FormLAB France

Treignac-Project, France (2010)


FormLAB/ Bauhaus

Singapore, National University of Singapore and LaSalle College of Art (2009)

University of California Santa Barbara (2005,2006)

Contemporary archeology and the artist, Kookmin University, Seoul (2012)

Lasalle College of Art, Singapore and National University of Singapore (2009)

Beyond Anime and Manga: New Trends in Contemporary Art in Japan

Otis College of Art, Los Angeles (January, 2000).

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