F      O      R      M      L      A      B

I N S I D E   O U T   A R T   M U S E U M,  

B E I J I N G  (2 0 1 7)

FormLAB exhibited in April-May 2017 at the Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing in 2017 including performances with new generation Chinese contemporary artists.

A a Fulbright-Hays awarded project in 2017 FormLAB exhibited a multi-disciplinary installation including a Beijing “Ghost Market” installation with found objects that was in part inspired by a predilection to explore cultures through their found-objects, found sites and the notions of discovery of disused objects jettisoned as function of Modernity (Breton, Nadja, 1928). In flea-markets, particularly Beijing’s Ghost Market that can only be accessed between 4-6 am I became spectator of different parts of Chinese history from Qing to present. FormLAB also created performances with Chinese contemporary artists in Beijing and on the Great Wall near Jiankou.

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