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T R E I G N A C  P R O J E T  -  F R A N C E  

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FormLAB-Treignac exhibited at Treignac Projet, one of Europe’s most progressive experimental spaces located in the Limousin region of central France. For this exhibition Les Joynes worked fellow Goldsmiths graduates to create performances that explored the “ontology of the artifact” from its conception, excavation of found objects, through its process of creation. Joynes also initiated Glossolalia (2010-present) to explore the forms and phenomena of sounds in human speech.






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As Tristan Tzara pronounced “Thought is formed in the mouth”  - the notion of Glossolaia was created with artists from the US, Mexico, Germany and Taiwan. As a form of Surrealist exercise Glossolalia explored the notion of utterance as separate from the not on of thought.

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