F      O      R      M      L      A      B

Z A N A B A Z A R  M U S E U M

O F   F I N E   A R T,   M O N G O L I A  (2 0 1 4)

FormLAB-Mongolia was a US Department of State, Fulbright-Hays and CEC ArtsLink sponsored expedition and exhibition in Mongolia. With additional support from the Mongolian Ministry of Culture, Arts Council Mongolia, the American Center for Mongolian Studies Les Joynes worked with local artists and musicians in Ulaanbaatar and with a shaman in the Mongolian Restricted Border Region with Siberia. The artworks included the installation of a Mongolian nomadic ger  within the museum in which FormLAB created interdisciplinary performances with contemporary rock musicians from Mohanik, Human Nature Love Freedom, Mugi, the plurivocal Xhoomi (throat) singer, the Mongolian dancer, Enkgerel and members of Mongolia’s artist group, Blue Sun.

Click on 2 min presentation of FormLAB at Zanabazar Museum of Fine Art (2014). 

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He led an overland expedition to the Restricted Border Region at Mongolia’s frontier with Siberia setting out with my cameraman, a guide and interpreter and a driver who took us to the flat Khovsgol herding region.


FormLAB explored art-making in remote spaces especially how humans interfaced dwellings with spaces. A common feature in both urban and rural Mongolia is the ger traditional nomadic habitat of rural Mongolians.

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